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The Burger Brothers restaurant is located in a natural environment in the village of El Tarter, in the parish of Canillo

In this place you can taste the specialty of the house: hamburgers. You can also order your special menu without lactose or fructose, or for people with celiac disease.

+376 759 189

Every day 16.00-23.00hs

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Burger Borthers >>

The Best

In the center of the town of Canillo, in the living room there is a large charcoal grill and a wood-burning oven in which show, meat, fish and vegetables are cooked.


On the first floor there is a large terrace with beautiful views of the Canillo mountains. Ideal in summer!

+376 853350

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Restaurant El Solà >>

In Family

Restaurant in El Tarter specializing in Italian cuisine. Do not miss this option of very tasty and natural food, elaborate dishes a la carte.


Open every day from 6pm to 11pm


Reserva aqui:  +376 885 320

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Trattoria San Pietro >>

An Italian

Which skis do I rent?

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Skiz is your new store on the slopes of El Tarter, in Grandvalira. With the best brands at attractive prices, it offers a very complete service for ski lovers.



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Comerç Espunyes is the family sports store of all time. It has a very wide range of products and qualities. You will not find a better deal and price.

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