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A day at the garden

El Floquet

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Our desire is to respect the biological rhythms of the children.


That’s the reason why we divide the children according their age into three groups


For the ‘Snowflakes’ & ‘Snowmen’ groups, the 4 daily meals are respect while the children  is in the center


   > 09.00 breakfast

   > 10.00 mid morning

   > 12.30 lunch

   > 15.30 break


Between each meal and adapting between groups, we organize trips to the snow park, workshop and craft, different games, introduction to snow games and rest time.

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With the aim of initiating the ‘Snowflakes’ & ‘Snowmen’ to the snow world, short trips to the snow park (100 m. away from the nursery) are be carried out in small groups.


Enjoying snow is our philosophy!!

Trips to the park

Language workshops

Craft workshops

Painting workshops

Fancy dress workshops

Psychomotor activities


There will be time for free playing.


The nursery has toys and equipment avaible so children can choose and enjoy as may as they wish


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Who are we: Educators

We are a group of educators for children with one goal: to make children enjoy the snow and make their whole family enjoy themselves on holiday in Andorra

We want to introduce children to the wonderful world of snow. We make them discover the world of snow step by step and make them enjoy the montain in winter time.

We will develop children's curiosity for snow!

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from 1 to 2 years

from 2 to 4 years

4 months to 1 year

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